Winemaker Randall Grahm driving through a vineyard in a red car


Begin your exploration of The Language of Yes wines. Members receive first access to our new releases and limited production wines. Each shipment features wines carefully selected by Randall. Members receive exclusive pricing and flat-rate ground shipping, as well as access to special events and other opportunities.

Membership Options


10% savings on wine

$25 flat-rate shipping


15% savings on wine

$30 flat-rate shipping


20% savings on wine

Shipping Included

  • Shipments: two shipments annually; one in the Spring and one in the Fall.
  • Quantity: choose 3, 6 or 12 bottles.
  • Cost: Bottle Price + Flat Rate Shipping + Tax where applicable.
    (Flat-rate ground shipping: $25 for 3 bottles, $30 for 6 bottles. Ground shipping is included on 12+ bottles.)
  • Payment: we will keep your credit card on file. A few weeks prior to your shipment, we will notify you via email of upcoming charges, and if you do not cancel, we will process your charge.
  • Weather: we may from time to time hold or delay shipment due to weather conditions.

Vineyard surrounded by golden grasses

Bottle of wine overlayed onto a shooting vine

Randall Grahm tending vines

Randall Grahm


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